Fine Lines & Wrinkles

The development of wrinkles is an unfortunate part of aging that can seem nearly unavoidable. Wrinkles are caused by some factors that are both physical and environmental. One of the largest contributors is physiological changes to the skin that occur with age. As we age, our skin dries, thins and loses elasticity. At the same time, years of sun exposure and free radical damage leads to a breakdown of connective tissues which thins the dermis and causes age spots.

There are some treatments that exist to reverse the signs of aging skin. Some require significant downtime or a trip to the operating room. However, many men and women who are looking for an effective, non-surgical anti-wrinkle treatment look no further than the award-winning PicoSure FOCUS Lens Array and Cynosure Fractional Resurfacing.


The PicoSure FOCUS Lens Array (FLA) is designed to microscopically concentrate powerful PicoSure energy to small areas of tissue. The PicoSure technology is the first of a new generation of lasers that don’t rely on heat to melt or burn away unwanted pigment. Instead, PicoSure rapidly delivers gentle pressure to the skin which stimulates the body’s ability to form new collagen and elastin. An additional benefit of the FLA is that unwanted pigment from sunspots is significantly improved.

PicoSure is quickly becoming a leading technology for laser skin revitalization. Its benefits include:

Little to no downtime – In fact, patients who are treated with PicoSure will experience minor redness for only a few hours. Makeup can be applied immediately after the treatment to conceal redness.

Can be used on all skin colors – More traditional lasers like Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) are not ideal for patients who have higher concentrations of melanin in their skin. In fact, treatment of these individuals can lead to complications including burns, unsightly scarring, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) and more. The PicoSure is “color blind” and can be used on ALL skin types, including very dark skin.

Highly effective – The PicoSure is a powerhouse treatment. Often, candidates for treatment will require fewer sessions to achieve results than traditional lasers.

Fractional Resurfacing

Fractional Resurfacing is another laser treatment that is highly effective for treating fine lines and wrinkles. The laser penetrates deeply into the skin without damaging the top layer of the skin. During the treatment, the laser delivers light to the skin through an array of high precision microbeams. This creates narrow and deep columns of skin coagulation surrounded by healthy, untreated skin. Over time, the skin will begin to repair itself by replacing weaker, damaged skin with younger and healthier skin cells. Over a period of weeks to months, contours are smoothed, and wrinkles are softened.

In addition to fine lines and wrinkles, this non-ablative laser can treat a variety of conditions, including:

• Acne scars
• Surgical scars
• Melasma
• Brown Spots
• Uneven skin tone and texture

Fractional resurfacing with 1540 is much less invasive compared to ablative laser procedures. Patients will experience redness and swelling for a few days following treatment. Since the treatments are more gentle and require less downtime, patients will typically require several sessions to achieve ideal results. Our office recommends at least four sessions performed two to four weeks apart.

At Illuminate Plastic Surgery, we utilize world class Cynosure laser equipment for both fractional resurfacing and the PicoSure laser. If you feel as though you may benefit from fractional resurfacing with our 1540 laser or the PicoSure, call or click to schedule an appointment with Dr. David Boudreault at our convenient Palo Alto location. Call 650-433-8621 to learn more today.

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