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Discover the DeScribe PFD Patch for Tattoo Removal!

Desperate to get rid of an unwanted tattoo – but you’re not exactly keen on the amount of time it might take to see relief? Good news: There’s a new tattoo removal technology known as the DeScribe PFD Patch, now available at Illuminate Plastic Surgery in Palo Alto, CA!

This isn’t your mother’s tattoo removal treatment – the DeScribe PFD Patch is designed to help speed up the process of removing the tattoo from your body.*  Traditional laser tattoo removal often takes multiple single-pass treatments – spaced 7 to 8 weeks apart – to eliminate the appearance of a tattoo.  The overall process can take up to a year, which isn’t exactly ideal for individuals who are looking to get rid of an unwanted tattoo.

The DeScribe PFD Patch works by making it possible for a laser tattoo technician to make multiple laser passes during the course of one procedure.  Rather than waiting 8 weeks for another pass, the Patch speeds up the tattoo removal process, meaning clients spend less time undergoing treatment.*

The DeScribe PFD Patch is a perfluorodecalin-infused silicone gel patch, which reduces the amount of laser frost that often occurs during traditional laser tattoo removal treatments.  By removing this frost, the laser is better able to target and break down pigments present in the skin.*

Additionally, the gel patch minimizes the amount of optical scattering that occurs during a treatment session.  That means more laser energy is focused on where it belongs – the unwanted pigment in your skin.  This result can also mean that the procedure time itself is shortened, making it an excellent laser tattoo accessory for busy people.*

Before your treatment session, the DeScribe PFD Patch will be carefully placed over the treatment area by your laser tattoo technician.  The patch is left on throughout the procedure;

Illuminate Plastic Surgery is pleased to include the DeScribe PFD Patch with all PicoSure tattoo removal treatments.  To learn more about this unique tattoo removal accessory, schedule your consultation with Dr. David Boudreault at Illuminate Plastic Surgery, today.

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