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KellyIlluminate Plastic Surgery

Meet Kelly - Physician Assistant

Kelly is a dedicated Physician Assistant with over 5 years of experience specializing in cosmetic dermatology and medical aesthetics. Her journey in the field has been driven by a passion for enhancing skin health and empowering individuals to feel confident in their own skin.


With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the intricacies of skin health, Kelly has made it her mission to help people achieve radiant and healthy skin that reflects their current age. Her approach goes beyond just treatments; it's about fostering a sense of confidence and self-assurance that comes from looking and feeling your best.

Whether it's addressing specific skin concerns, designing personalized skincare regimens, or recommending advanced cosmetic procedures, Kelly takes pride in tailoring each experience to the unique needs and aspirations of her patients. Through continuous learning and staying updated on the latest advancements, Kelly ensures that her patients receive the highest quality care and the most innovative solutions.

Join Kelly on this journey to embrace the beauty of aging and discover the transformative power of healthy skin. Kelly looks forward to helping you uncover your skin's full potential and achieve a timeless, graceful radiance.

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“I had my Brazilian Butt Lift in 2017 with Dr. Boudreault and I couldn’t be any happier with my results. My butt and hips look SO natural – my only regret was not doing it sooner!”

“I fully trust Dr. B and will go to him for all my procedures. He really cares about his clients and their results.”

“The day after my surgery when the garment came off, I almost cried. Dr. B exceeded my expectations and gave me an even BETTER body than I had imagined.”

At Illuminate we’re with you during every step of your journey toward greater self-confidence. Schedule a consultation with us today and let Illuminate’s expert team listen to your concerns and guide you through treatments and procedures to help you reach your individual goals. We look forward to seeing you and celebrating your renewed appearance and realized potential.

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