Small Breasts


There are a number of reasons why women may not be happy with the size of their breasts. What constitutes “small breasts” may differ from person to person. At Illuminate Plastic Surgery, what’s important to us is how you feel. We want you to feel great about your breasts and your appearance. At Illuminate Plastic Surgery, we can resize and reshape your breast to virtually any size that will make you happy.

Woman's bra and breasts


Women have breasts of different sizes and it is largely a matter of heredity and random human variation that decides who gets larger ones and who gets smaller ones. Usually, if you have a smaller frame you will have smaller breasts, although this is not always the case. Whether you just want to go up a cup size or are looking for a more dramatic change, we can help you achieve the look you are searching for with a variety of effective techniques.

Treatment Options for Small Breasts

Come into Illuminate to discuss your treatment options, which include:

  • Breast Augmentation – Still probably the most popular way to enlarge breasts, this procedure involves the insertion into the breast of a silicone or saline implant of a predetermined size to give the breast a more pleasing shape and volume.
  • Breast Fat Transfer If you are looking for a more natural breast augmentation and you have problem areas where you wish to get rid of unwanted fat, a breast fat transfer can address both issues at once, using your own fatty tissue, extracted via liposuction, to augment your breasts.
  • Breast Lift If you simply wish to give your breasts a more desirable shape and position, the mastopexy, or breast lift, may be the solution. It involves making a special incision to remove excess skin and tissue and then reshape the breast.

Results from Small Breast Procedures

Your breasts may look higher than expected immediately following the procedure, but they will settle down after a few weeks until they arrive in a more natural, aesthetically pleasing position. After your breast concerns have been addressed, you can expect your clothes to fit better, you can expect more compliments on your appearance, and many patients enjoy a bolstered self-image and greater self-confidence.

Correct Small Breasts in Palo Alto, California

At Illuminate Plastic Surgery, we have patients coming in who are dissatisfied with their breasts all the time. They leave happier and more confident than they have ever been, with results as good or better than they had hoped. If you are ready to get the look you deserve, contact us to schedule an appointment at our Palo Alto location by calling us today at 650.433.8621 or filling out the form below.


* Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.

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