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Breast Augmentation Q&A with DR. B. – Pre-Op

Breast Augmentation Q&A with DR. B. – Pre-Op


Should I wait until after I have kids to get implants? 

There is no need to wait until after children for breast augmentation. An implant at any point does not change what happens to your breast post-pregnancy. It is impossible to predict how your breasts will change with pregnancy and breastfeeding. Keep in mind that each pregnancy impacts the body differently.

Will breast augmentation make my breasts even? 

It is normal to not be totally symmetric. Some differences in size can be improved by choosing different size implants. Dr. Boudreault would determine if this is necessary after examining you. Keep in mind that breasts are sisters, not twins.

Do I need a breast lift with implants? 

This is determined during a physical exam with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Your anatomy and breast measurements dictate whether a breast lift is necessary.

Saline vs Silicone? 

This is a personal choice. Both implants have a silicone shell. For someone with a good amount of breast tissue, there will most likely be no difference in feel. On a thin person, a saline implant might not feel as natural.

What cup size will I be after my surgery? 

That is a great question, but unfortunately, one that has limitations.  Each manufacturer makes cup sizes a little different. For instance, Victoria Secret is notorious for making bras that say a larger cup size for the same woman who would get fitted at a different lingerie shop. In general, we ask patients to focus on the desired look as opposed to a cup size.

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