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Deep Plane Facelift in Palo Alto and San Jose

You, But Younger

Despite incremental advances, traditional facelifts have had the unfortunate reputation for sometimes appearing unnatural. If the skin is over-pulled, the result can be a tight, overdone, or “surprised” look. At Illuminate, we want our patients to always feel confident and never be self-conscious over the appearance of “having work done.” We’re thrilled that we offer our clients the option of the most advanced and highly-sought procedure for facelifts known as the Deep Plane Facelift. This specialized technique adjusts the deeper tissue and skin layers for a natural result.

Deep Plane Facelift at Illuminate Plastic Surgery

Practicing in Illuminate’s Palo Alto and San Jose offices, double board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Brittany Leader, is one of the very few surgeons in the San Francisco Bay Area with expertise in the Deep Plane Facelift. Dr. Leader is a Beverly Hills-trained facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon specializing in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the face, neck, nose, eyelids, eyebrows, and ears. Illuminate’s entire team of committed and experienced support practitioners is dedicated to helping patients feel fully confident in their decisions and thrilled with the final results.

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What is a Deep Plane Facelift?

The Deep Plane Facelift is an advanced procedure that addresses the underlying muscles in the face, which are responsible for facial expressions and movements. Unlike traditional facelifts that only manipulate the upper layers of skin and tissues, a deep plane facelift modifies the deeper structures, such as ligaments, that contribute to sagging skin and facial hollowing in certain areas. By focusing on the muscles and fascia underneath the skin, this surgery can address the various aspects of facial aging to help achieve a natural refreshed look. People will say you look great, but not be able to figure out what is different.

What are the differences between a Deep Plane Facelift and a traditional facelift?

The placement of tension is the main difference between these two procedures. A conventional facelift puts most of the tension or pull on the skin, often producing a tighter or overdone look. The deep plane technique restores the deeper structures to their original position, allowing for a tension free repositioning of the skin.

Benefits of a Deep Plane Facelift

With the deep plane facelift San Jose and Palo Alto patients can address their signs of aging on the face with a long-term solution that offers the most natural outcome available today. Choosing a deep plane facelift can help you gain back your confidence and enjoy seeing yourself in the mirror every day. A deep plane facelift can:

  • Sculpt the jawline
  • Improve skin laxity
  • Smooth wrinkles
  • Reduce hollow areas
  • Take ten or more years off your appearance

Am I a candidate for a Deep Plane Facelift?

Many men and women seeking to improve and rejuvenate their faces are candidates for this procedure. Ideal patients are generally non-smokers within 15 pounds of their goal weight who do not have any history of issues with anesthesia. Being fully transparent about your health history and concerns is essential to minimizing risk and achieving desired outcomes.

Consultation and Preparation

The Illuminate team prioritizes peace of mind with every patient. We want you to feel fully comfortable with your treatment plan. We discuss all possible options with you to make sure that together we make the best decisions. If we determine that a San Jose or Palo Alto Deep Plane Facelift can safely help you achieve your particular aesthetic goals, we provide comprehensive preparation instructions when we schedule your surgery. Before this procedure, we may require lab work, and some medications and supplements may need to be paused or adjusted.


Performed under general anesthesia, a deep plane facelift procedure typically takes about four to five hours. Your surgeon will make discreet incisions, adjust the muscle, fascia, and skin, and reposition these structures before applying highly strategic sutures.

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Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

Proper post-surgery care is extremely important for healing and ensuring minimal scarring. You will want to rest for a few days, and full recovery usually takes about two weeks. Final results for most patients are at the six to twelve-month mark.

Why Illuminate?

At Illuminate, we are passionate about caring for the whole patient. We believe aesthetics, health, and wellness are interdependent, and we want to ensure that each of our patients receives comprehensive care. Our knowledgeable team of providers has decades of combined experience and we are readily available to answer any questions and alleviate concerns.

San Jose & Palo Alto deep plane facelift model with blonde hair

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Deep Plane FaceliftFrequently Asked Questions

Not every plastic surgeon has experience with the Deep Plane Facelift technique. Dr. Leader’s expertise has earned her praise from patients from throughout the U.S. Interest in this technique is growing as patients and surgeons learn its unique benefits and natural results.

This surgery is not very painful and most patients discomfort is well managed with over the counter pain medications. The most common thing patients notice is some neck tightness initially when turning their head side to side which resolves with the swelling. Significant pain is very rare, and our care team can advise on the best methods for relief.

Most cosmetic surgeries carry risks like bleeding, swelling, or bruising. Similar to conventional facelifts, serious but more rare risks include infection, nerve damage, or numbness.

The surgical changes of the facelift are permanent but the aging process will continue after surgery. You can expect benefits of our Palo Alto or San Jose Deep Plane Facelift to last for around 10 years or more, and you will age naturally and gracefully after the surgery.

Dr. Leader has experience with patients in their 30s through 70s, and anyone in these age brackets can benefit.

For the cost of a Deep Plane Facelift Palo Alto or San Jose area patients must expect a case-by-case variability based on customizations. Our team can help you to navigate financing options.

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