Nipple / Areola Shaping


It is not unusual for a woman to be unhappy with the size or shape of their nipples or areolas (that dark area of skin that surrounds the nipple). The nipples may not be protruding properly or may hang over too much, or the areolas may appear too large relative to the rest of the breast. While these are common conditions, they are not conditions that you have to live with. Illuminate Plastic Surgery has highly effective nipple / areola shaping options for women.

Woman's bra and breast area

Why Are My Areolas Not the Right Shape?

There is no real “right” shape for nipples or areolas. Just like many other parts of the body, different people’s nipples or areolas may be shaped or colored differently. In most cases, the size, shape, and color of your nipples or areolas is just the variation of nature. That doesn’t mean, however, that they are the right shape, size or color for you. If they are not, come to Illuminate so we can help.

Nipple / Areola Shaping Options

We have two great treatments to resolve the most common issues people come into our facility with regarding their nipples/areolas:

  • Nipple / Areola Reduction – This procedure is performed if an individual feels their areola is too large or if the nipples are hanging or over-projecting. It involves removal of a ring of skin from the base of the nipple, then reclosing the area in the desired shape with dissolvable sutures.
  • Correction of Inverted Nipple – This procedure deals with a condition where the nipple is sticking in the breast, rather than protruding outward. We resolve this problem by releasing the tension on the short milk ducts that may be restraining the nipple with a small incision, allowing it to move freely to its proper location.

Results from Nipple / Areola Reduction Procedures

Once your nipple / areola shaping procedure is complete, it will be bandaged so it can heal. When the healing process has resolved, you will see a nipple and areola in the shape that we will have discussed in your consultation prior to the procedure. If inverted nipples were the issue, your nipples will be protruding normally.

Nipple / Areola Shaping in Palo Alto, California

At Illuminate Plastic Surgery, we look forward to helping our patients achieve the exact looks they want for their bodies. We are ready and waiting to discuss your nipple / areola shaping procedure with you. If you are looking for experienced plastic surgery professionals in Silicon Valley for nipple /areola shaping, please make an appointment with Illuminate today by calling 650.433.8621 or submitting your information via the form below.


* Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.

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