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Many accept enlarged jaw muscles as a natural part of their anatomy. However, others view the size of their jaws as an aesthetic concern and some even experience excessive teeth grinding or clenching due to this issue. With overuse from habitual teeth grinding the masseter muscles become larger and overdeveloped. Over time this alters the shape of the lower face, making the jawline appear square and boxy. Enlarged jaw reduction through the use of neurotoxins like Botox and Dysport is a simple and effective procedure.

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Masseters are the two bulky muscles located on each side of your jaw. The primary function of these muscles is to help you chew your food properly. Like all other muscles in the body, massters grow in relation to use. Therefore, people who grind their teeth while sleeping may develop squared, enlarged jaws as a result of masseter exercise. While many people opt for surgery in order to reduce the size of their jawlines, neurotoxin injections have proven to be quite effective as well. What’s more is that injection treatments not only reduce the size of the jaw, but do so without the need for downtime.

Treatment Using Neurotoxins

When you come in for your treatment, our staff will first assess your condition to determine the best injection sites. Afterward, we will select the proper neurotoxin and begin the process. Typically, three injections per side are required. This procedure must be repeated every 3-6 months in order to retain your jawline’s slimness.

Results of Neurotoxin Treatments

Slimming an enlarged jaw using this method requires repeated visits and a very gradual approach. Results after treatment are often only visible after 8 weeks.* This injection treatment does not cause any major side effects and doesn’t require downtime. Some minor bruising could be visible after treatment, but should subside shortly.

Enlarged Jaw Treatment in Palo Alto, California

If you’re struggling with an enlarged jaw, you’ll be happy to know that non-surgical treatment options do exist. At Illuminate Plastic Surgery, we offer effective neurotoxin injection services to help slim your jawline and bring you ever closer to achieving your aesthetic goals. To make an appointment today, call 650.433.8621 or click the button below. We look forward to your visit!

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* Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.

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