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All About Breast Augmentation – The #1 Cosmetic Surgery in the US

All About Breast Augmentation – The #1 Cosmetic Surgery in the US

More popular than nose jobs and liposuction, breast implants are now bigger than ever. We sat down with Dr. Boudreault to learn more about this procedure known to make women more confident, during sex and in general.

Q: Dr. B, breast augmentation surgery is now bigger than ever. What kind of women seek you out for breast implants?

Dr. B: Big groups of women, 18-28 year olds looking to augment small breasts, and ‘post-baby’ women (around 40 years old) looking to restore the pre-breast feeding look of their breasts.

Q.: What do you think is the biggest benefit to these women once they have the procedure?
Dr. B.: The biggest benefit is increased self-confidence. Most women seeking this surgery feel uncomfortable and the doctor helps them feel more powerful and more natural in their skin. The doctor hears a lot of thanks for improving women’s confidence.

Q.: What results does a woman get from breast augmentation? 

Dr. B.: Breast augmentation is usually focused on giving women an increase in size. Sometimes, women with uneven breasts [get the surgery]. All women’s breasts are uneven, they’re never the same, but breast augmentation can improve symmetry. Any degree of sag requires a lift with augmentation.

Q.: What’s the process like prior to a woman getting breast augmentation surgery?
Dr. B.: Submuscular versus subglandular is chosen* and incision type is discussed. After all of these are reviewed, then the doctor measures the breast and has the patient try on different [implant] sizes using a sports bra to estimate the size they want. Pictures are sometimes taken to give women a better idea, mostly a full mirror is used to compare sizes. The doctor provides consultation and advice.

*Implants can be placed either partially under the pectoralis muscle (submuscular) or over the pectoralis muscle on the chest and under the breast tissue (subglandular). 

Q.: What happens during the procedure and how long does it take? 

Dr. B.: After determining the location of the implant, the patient is lightly sedated and put to sleep under general anesthesia. She is asleep for the whole procedure. The procedure requires a small incision in the areola, armpit, or below the breast. For a straight forward session, it’s an hour. Sometimes an hour and a half may be required.

Q.: And after the procedure how does she feel?

Dr. B.: Typically, the patient may feel groggy for 24 hours after the procedure. Soreness can occur – the larger the implant, the sorer it is. Generally, people recover from the surgery without much issue though. There is generally no significant pain.

Q.: What is recovery like for the patient? 

Dr. B.: Recovery is in two phases: the time you need to take off work, maybe a weekend recovery (two days) and the time you take off working out. After two weeks you can get to light cardio, moderate [cardio] after three weeks, and four weeks for normal cardio. We want to minimize planking, pushups, and other chest exercises in order to avoid damaging the breasts.

Q: Are the results immediate? 

Dr. B.: Results are immediate, but they’re not exactly done. The implant generally looks high post-op, but in 6-8 weeks the implants settle down to where they ultimately will rest. Follow-ups are needed within the first few days after surgery and a week after the surgery to remove outside sutures – this is minor.

Q.: Women can get either silicone or saline implants. What’s the difference? 

Dr. B.: Silicone offers a more natural look. Some women want a round look and saline gives them a better round look – they want fullness and roundness while compromising natural-looking and choosing something more firm.

Q.: Between saline and silicone breast implants, is one safer than the other?

Dr. B.: There is a myth that silicone may lead to autoimmune disorders. When a silicone implant ruptures, it can be replaced, but people aren’t aware of them rupturing because the implants don’t move. However, they should be replaced because they can lead to scapular contraction (when scar tissue squeezes around the implant). If the saline ruptures, you’ll know it immediately because of the size change. The concerns with rupture are quite minimal.

Q.: What might be helpful for women to know before getting Breast Augmentation? 

Dr. B.: It’s most important to consider two things: choosing a doctor with the experience to help them determine the best options and [also] picking the right size. The most common regret is going too small; this is the most common cause of revision, too. Sometimes, however, women go too big and cause damage to their tissues, leading to sagging and complication. The doctor is serving as a tour guide, helping them have all the info they need. 

Q.: Is there anything else that a woman considering breast augmentation should know? 

Dr. B.: Seeing a board-certified plastic surgeon is very important. Cosmetic surgeons that are not qualified for this surgery do exist and they should be avoided. You should only see people with adequate training to perform breast augmentation surgery. With a board-certified surgeon, the risks of complications decline.

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