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Part 2 – Post-Op

When are my implants going to look normal?

Patients are always concerned about implants “riding high” after surgery.  Assuming your breasts were small prior to surgery, the skin below your nipple needs to stretch to make room for the implant.  This can take 3-6 months for the implants to look and feel like they belong to you.

Why is my stomach swollen after having my breast done? 

There can certainly be bloating and other symptoms for several weeks after surgery, but the most likely thing is constipation.  If you are taking narcotics pain medication, this can slow down your GI tract, which can take several days to resolve.

Why are my breasts uneven after augmentation? 

Two sides never heal at the same rate. As the implants soften and drop, the shape will change and most asymmetry will settle with time. If your breasts were uneven before surgery, Dr. Boudreault does his best to make both breasts as similar as possible. But remember, breasts are sisters, not twins, even with plastic surgery.

If I feel fine now, when can I start working out?

No exercise for two weeks, light cardio in week three, moderate cardio in week four, weight lifting after six weeks. Always listen to your body. Main rule: if it hurts don’t do it.

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