MyTouchMD is a secure website that allows you to review your TouchMD files and share that information with others. Log in using your home computer to:

  • View or print any images saved by your doctor during your office visit and share this experience with your loved ones
  • Complete any homework instructions assigned by your doctor
  • Review services or products recommended by your doctor
  • Learn more about the doctor, their staff, and facilities
  • Explore topic videos about your procedure or medical condition
  • Review pre and post-operative instructions provided by your doctor

How to Log In

To log in, enter into your web browser or click here: myTouchMD

* Your temporary TouchMD password is your first and last initials (lowercase) followed by your six-digit (MM/DD/YY) date of birth. For example, the password for Jon Smith, born Jan 1st, 1980 would be: js010180

The first time you log into at home, you will be asked to change your temporary password. Do not share your login information with others.

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