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Cellulite is a dimpling of the skin that is most often found on the buttocks and thighs. This dimpling is caused beneath the skin’s surface when strands of fibrous tissue tethers the skin to the muscle below. When this occurs, small pockets of fat develop around these areas which creates dimpling or rippling cellulite.

Though it’s more common in women (about 80% of post-adolescent women), men can develop cellulite, too. Factors that may contribute to the formation of cellulite include hormonal changes, family history and lifestyle choices such as diet or lack of exercise.

While a number of topical products or treatments exist on the market, most cellulite treatments are unsuccessful. Cellfina is the only FDA-cleared minimally invasive procedure that is proven to improve the appearance of cellulite.*

Cellfina works through a process called subcision. During the Cellfina treatment, a specialized hand piece allows the practitioner to precisely target and release the tethered bands that are causing cellulite. *In just under an hour, as many as twenty-five dimpled cellulite areas can be treated.

There is minimal downtime after Cellfina. Most patients will experience some bruising and tenderness at the treated site which should resolve in several days to weeks. Patients will begin to see results in as little as three days, however optimal results are seen after several months*.

Cellfina is performed in our office by Dr. Boudreault or our Nurse Practitioner, Molly. If you feel as though you may benefit from the Cellfina treatment, call to schedule an evaluation at our convenient Palo Alto, location.

* Individual results may vary

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