Ethnic Skin

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The San Francisco Bay Area is a melting pot of culture and race.  We believe that this diversity is deserving of a more customized approach to aesthetics and skincare. Regardless of how pale you may feel, ethnicity should play a serious role in your aesthetic treatment selection. People of Asian, Latin, Middle Eastern, African American, Indian, American Indian and certain European backgrounds often react quite differently to the skin treatments that a blonde-haired Scandinavian would, for example.  

At Illuminate, we pride ourselves on being able to treat all skin types and ethnicities. We have adopted the latest, most advanced techniques and technologies to treat all skin tones safely and effectively.  

Ethnic skin procedures


Ethnic skin is sensitive to many aesthetic treatments. Your aesthetic provider may use a specific technique such as a laser or chemical peel on lighter complexioned patients with reliable results. However, the same procedure performed in the same way could cause scarring, dark spots or light spots on a patient with more richly pigmented skin. A well-meaning physician, without an adequate understanding of skin of color can cause more damage than the initial problem. Our Nurse Practitioner, Molly Boudreault is one of few aesthetic skin care specialists in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Traditional aesthetic practices are not equipped to treat many conditions that are common in ethnic skin (skin types IV -VI).  Dr. Boudreault and Molly have spent years developing and refining protocols to treat pigmentation, scarring, melasma and aging skin of color.


Our office is equipped with state of the art technology, and our team is extensively trained in the latest techniques. We have adopted the latest, most advanced techniques and technologies to treat all skin tones safely and effectively.  


Treating ethnic skin can be challenging, but successful when patients adhere to a medical-grade skincare regimen and their provider is equipped with the necessary tools to treat it. The bottom line is: certain rules must be followed. Treatment plans often include lasers, tyrosinase inhibitors, sunscreen, medications and peels.


Our office uses the VISIA Digital Skin Analysis, a multi-spectral imaging system to identify problem areas and track your results.  This imaging system is a diagnostic tool that allows us to visualize and measure skin conditions and create a customized treatment program for you and your unique needs. A skin analysis will be performed during each visit and at the end of each treatment series, to ensure optimal results.

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Brazilian Butt Lift Patient

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Brazilian Butt Lift Patient