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Peptide Therapy

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What is peptide therapy?

Peptides are chains of amino acids that link together to produce proteins. They have many functions throughout the body — some act like neurotransmitters, while others act like hormones. Many control and influence how our bodies react to diet, physical exercise, illness, and injury.  As we age, the production of essential amino acids and peptides decreases. Peptide therapy uses synthetic peptides to replace peptide deficiencies to increase overall health and wellness.      

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What does peptide therapy do?

Peptide therapy carries out a number of functions. Some peptides have been shown to assist with weight loss by stimulating the breakdown of visceral fat. Others are used to reduce inflammation to treat illness and autoimmune disease. Peptides can also be used to stimulate the production of growth hormone and utilized in anti-aging therapies or to increase muscle mass. During your consultation at Illuminate Wellness, our medical staff will assess your specific needs and determine the appropriate peptide treatment for you.

Can peptides be used for immune boosting?

Absolutely. The peptide Thymosin Alpha-1 is a powerful immune-boosting treatment. Studies have shown that individuals who are fighting infection have lower amounts of circulating thymosin alpha 1 than healthy individuals. This is problematic as optimal immune function is vital to recovery from infection. Supplementation with thymosin alpha 1 has the potential for a great therapeutic benefit for patients suffering from an infection or autoimmune disease.    

What is Thymosin Alpha-1? 

Thymosin alpha-1 is produced naturally by the thymus gland. The thymus gland is located behind the sternum between the lungs. This is where immune cells, called T cells mature and are released. T cell production and action within the body are vital to adaptive immunity – the mode by which immune cells can recognize and destroy foreign invaders.

Specifically, thymosin alpha-1 has been shown to enhance the function of T cells.  This is important for anyone with a depressed immune system or suffering from an infection. Thymosin alpha 1 has been shown to exhibit antibacterial and antifungal properties, increase vaccine effectiveness and protect against oxidative damage.  

How is thymosin alpha-1 administered? 

The thymosin alpha-1 peptide is administered as a subcutaneous injection into the fat.  

Is thymosin alpha-1 safe? 

Thymosin alpha-1 injections are found to be very safe, with little to no documented side effects associated with their administration. It is approved in more than 37 countries for the treatment of hepatitis B, hepatitis C and as an adjunct to chemotherapy and various vaccines.  

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