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Alexandra McCormick

Alexandra McCormick

Living healthily should be about what’s added to your life, not just what’s subtracted from the scale. No one is more aware of this than our Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Alex McCormick. An ex-professional ballerina, Alex was exposed to unhealthy behaviors from an early age. Watching friends and colleagues struggle through disordered eating and fad diets and even battling struggles of her own ignited a passion in her. Throughout her professional career as a wellness coach and her personal life as a mom, she’s developed a simple approach to healthy living – incorporating food that actually tastes good! Her philosophy is based on creating a balanced life that is practical, positive, and sustainable. This has allowed her to amass a loyal following on social media.

With a love of cooking and a strong belief in clean eating, Alex uses an integrative and hands-on approach to improve your health and happiness. During your time with Alex, she offers nutrition and accountability coaching, pantry overhauls, tips on food prep, recipe ideas and more.

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