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David Boudreault, MD, FACS

David Boudreault, MD, FACS

David Boudreault, MD, FACS is the owner and founder of Illuminate Plastic Surgery in Palo Alto, CA. He is a board certified plastic surgeon, and is formally trained in both general and plastic surgery. With extensive experience operating on every part of the body, he is able to deliver superior results even for the most complex surgical problems. At the forefront of the plastic surgery specialty, Dr. Boudreault is skilled in performing the latest treatments and determined to provide his patients with the best results possible.

Having trained in general and plastic surgery at the prestigious UCSF East Bay, UC Davis Medical Center and highly acclaimed Plastic Surgery Center of Sacramento, Dr. Boudreault has operated on thousands of patients. His experience has proven that no two patients are the same and each surgery must be tailored to the individual’s needs.

Dr. Boudreault couples his outstanding professional credentials with a personalized approach to patient care and an eye for aesthetic beauty. His goal is to partner with you on your journey towards self-improvement. Whether it’s a minor treatment or a major surgical undertaking, he is committed to improving your happiness and well-being.

When not actively practicing the art of plastic surgery, Dr. Boudreault takes time to focus on family life with his wife, Molly and their son, Penn.


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