Molly Boudreault, ACNP-BC

Molly Boudreault

Molly Boudreault is the co-founder of Illuminate Plastic Surgery. 

Molly attended Vanderbilt University for her undergraduate and graduate education, finishing at the top of her class. Molly is not just smart; she is incredible with patients and has an unparalleled bedside manner. It is said that her patients enter the practice as strangers and leave as good friends under Molly’s care.  

Molly began her aesthetic career in 2014. She is now the lead laser and injectable practitioner at Illuminate. Molly enjoys both the technical and artistic aspects of her job and always strives to achieve natural results for her patients. 

Molly is known throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond for her skills and expertise in treating skin of color. Recognizing that everyone’s skin is unique and that ethnic skin requires a delicate balance of targeted intervention and cautious care, Molly takes on the most challenging cases – often with great success. She and Dr. Boudreault have adopted the latest, most advanced techniques and technologies to treat all skin tones safely and effectively. 

In 2017, Molly was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer. Since that time, she and Dr. Boudreault have become passionate about holistic wellness and performance medicine. Both Molly and Dr. Boudreault have worked with world thought leaders to implement Illuminate Wellness, a unique medical practice focusing on health and performance through time-tested, nutrient and science-driven protocols at the cutting edge of medicine. 

Molly makes herself available to patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week by phone. Molly believes that constant open communication and connection is the key to successful outcomes.