Illuminate Med Spa is Silicon Valley’s destination for anti-aging and aesthetic enhancements using the world’s latest non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments. Uniquely nestled alongside Illuminate Plastic Surgery and Illuminate Wellness, we provide advanced medical expertise that makes our med spa so much more than treating beauty from a superficial perspective.

Our expert practitioners are highly trained in the most advanced techniques and hold luminary status with modern aesthetic technology companies to treat all skin tones safely and effectively. Molly Boudreault, ACNP-BC, NP, Katie Husak, BSN, RN, and Kristina Russo, BSN, RN, are Illuminate’s advanced nurse injection and laser specialists who bring years of experience to your treatments and enjoy both the technical and artistic aspects of providing natural results for our patients. Marisha Hallarces, RN, is San Jose’s Master Injector who focuses her 25+ years of experience to excel in world-class neurotoxin and filler treatments that result in what her patients call “liquid facelifts”. Molly is our head nurse who oversees Illuminate’s Med Spa, and is known throughout the San Francisco Bay Area for her expertise in treating skin of color. Our highly trained nurses are known for their careful attention to detail and customized treatment plans for even the most complex cases.

Jessica Torregroza, LE, is Palo Alto's expert medical aesthetician. She is passionate about current advancements in aesthetic treatments, anti-aging treatments, corrective chemical peels, and preventative skin care. Investing in your self is a benefit that lasts a lifetime. We’ll help you look beautiful and youthful, without looking overly corrected, so the best version of you can shine through.