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Breast Augmentation FAQ

Breast Augmentation FAQ
Dr. B.

Are you considering breast augmentation surgery?  We asked our Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Boudreault a few commonly asked questions related to this treatment.  Check out his answers below! 

Q: Dr. B, what are the most common reasons why women have breast augmentation surgery? 

A: Women opt for breast augmentation for a variety of reasons, all of which are unique to each patient.  The most common complaints I hear are from women who have uneven breasts, breasts that are out of proportion with the rest of the body, or simply because they feel like larger breasts would improve their self image.

Q: How Do You Perform Breast Augmentation Surgery?

A: During the surgery, a small incision (4-5cm is made in an easily camouflaged area such as the armpit, inframammary fold or around the areola to minimize the visibility.  Once inside the chest, I create a “pocket” to accommodate the implant.  This pocket can be either underneath the chest muscle or within the breast tissue.  The implant is then placed using a sterile “no-touch” technique and the incision is closed.  From start to finish, the procedure typically takes 30-60 minutes. 

Q: Do you recommend silicone or saline implants?

A: This is a personal choice.  For someone who has more natural breast tissue there will most likely be no difference in look and feel.  However, saline implants may not look and feel as natural on a very thin woman or women with less breast tissue.

Q: How Soon Will I See Results?

A: Results are immediate, however, usually the breasts appear high just following the procedure. They settle in their proper place within 6-12 weeks.  It is important to wear an appropriate surgical garment and perform implant massage to optimize your results during this time.  

Q: How Much Does It Cost?

A: The total cost of surgery and implants usually ranges from $6500 to $8000 for saline implants and $7500 and $9000 for silicone implants. However, if you purchase your procedure this month, you can take advantage of our ½-off Breast Implant promotion*, where we take 50% off the price of the implants themselves, a roughly $950 value.

*While supplies last. Breast augmentation surgeries performed by December 15th, 2020.

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