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Do You Buy Skincare Products From Amazon?

Do You Buy Skincare Products From Amazon?

Amazon is known far and wide for its impressive range of products and fast delivery rates. Typically, a single click and two days are all it takes for your product to arrive right to your doorstep. This sounds like a great deal if you’re in the market for new slippers or a towel rack, but what about skincare products?

The idea of getting your creams, serums, and lotions in an instant sounds appealing at first, but can a product really be cheap, fast, and good all at once? Let’s be real, chances are your Amazon-bought serum is cutting corners somewhere. As it turns out, the compromise for speed is quality. Amazon has a reputation of being over-saturated by shady distributors selling counterfeit products, and skincare supplies are no exception.

The Truth About Amazon Skincare Products

In 2015, the London police department conducted an investigation of some of the skincare products sold on Amazon. Unsurprisingly, they found that in addition to the products being counterfeit, they were also contaminated with trace amounts of arsenic, mercury, lead, and rat feces — imagine rubbing that on your face!

A common consumer tactic to avoid being scammed on Amazon is to purchase products directly from Amazon FBA. That makes sense, right? If a product has the blue Prime checkmark, it must be the genuine article — wrong! Amazon FBA is NOT a producer of products, rather it is a chain of warehouses that stores and delivers 3rd party merchandise.

The people working in these warehouses are too busy sorting seller merchandise to run quality checks. Most of the time, quality concerns are handled by the shady, private label distributors that list the products in the first place!

The Solution: Investing in The Real Deal!

The only way to assure that you’re receiving genuine, quality-tested skincare supplies is to order them right from the source! In partnership with Brilliant Connections, Illuminate is the solution to your skincare woes. As a professional aesthetic and medical provider, we are specially licensed to distribute authentic brand merchandise. 

Don’t cut corners when it comes to your beauty — order from Illuminate today. Call us at (650) 433-8621 or visit us online to view our full line of skincare products.

At Illuminate we’re with you during every step of your journey toward greater self-confidence. Schedule a consultation with us today and let Illuminate’s expert team listen to your concerns and guide you through treatments and procedures to help you reach your individual goals. We look forward to seeing you and celebrating your renewed appearance and realized potential.

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