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Longer lashes? Yes please!

Longer lashes? Yes please!

By Molly Boudreault, ACNP

It’s no secret that women lust for longer eyelashes. Long lashes make eyes look wider and more open which is a universal sign of beauty and femininity. For centuries, women have been trying to create the illusion of longer eyelashes. In fact, this phenomenon dates all the way back to ancient Egypt where royals and the wealthy would use a black powder called kohl to enhance and protect their eyelashes. Women in the Victorian Era were not much different and used fireplace ashes or lamp black to create the illusion.

Even today, American women are spending time and money (about 44 million dollars annually) on cosmetics and false eyelashes for self-improvement. The recent release of lash extenders (prescription and nonprescription) has given women the opportunity to experience what it’s like to have naturally longer and fuller lashes.

Latisse is an FDA approved, prescription treatment used to lengthen and thicken lashes.* Clinical studies on the product have shown that it can be very effective.*

We are often asked how various over the counter products stack up to Latisse. While OTC products can also improve eyelash length, Latisse is the only product that is FDA approved. Others are regarded as ‘cosmetic products’ and are not monitored for safety, quality and effectiveness.

If you are interested in learning more about Latisse visit Illuminate Plastic Surgery for a complementary consultation. Also, feel free to visit our blog for more useful information from the Illuminate team.

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