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What Is Your Skin Saying About Your Gut?

What Is Your Skin Saying About Your Gut?

When we focus too much on one single part of our bodies, we tend to get tunnel vision. Our bodies are more than just a sum of our parts! Each part works in tandem with the rest to make sure we’re always functioning to the best of our ability. As such, paying special attention to our body parts ensures both their individual function, and our overall wellness.

When it comes to skincare, recent studies have shown a surprising connection between the bacteria in our gut and the clarity of our skin. Rosacea, acne scarring, and the appearance of eczema are conditions that are all closely related to your stomach. When our stomachs aren’t fed the right type of food, we can develop allergies or an increased “leakage” of unwelcome proteins. These proteins can rise to the surface of our skin and spoil our beautiful complexions!

Skin Health and the Probiotics In Your Gut

A good diet should be at the forefront of your skincare routine. Keeping the bacteria in your gut happy by minimizing junk food and maximizing probiotics can have a significant impact on your complexion. Along with proper eating habits, other things you can do to support your skin health include: 

  • Lowering your stress levels – Meditation, exercise, and yoga can all help lower your stress and improve your digestion.
  • Drinking plenty of water – Drinking water can help sustain the mucosal lining of your intestines and support gut bacterial function.
  • Checking for food intolerances – Rashes, abdominal pain, and nausea can all be signs of an allergic reaction! Eliminating harmful foods from your diet can lead to better digestion and in turn, better skin.

Your One-Stop Gut and Skin Inflammation Solution

If you’re struggling with persistent gut inflammation and skin irritation like rosacea, Illuminate is here to help! We offer exceptional photorejuvenation skincare services designed to improve the look and feel of your skin. In addition, our Wellness Physician, Dr. Luciano Del Toro and Nutrition Coach, Alexandra McCormick are happy to provide our innovative Illuminate Wellness program to improve your gut function. To learn more, give us a call at (650) 433-8621 or request an appointment online!

At Illuminate we’re with you during every step of your journey toward greater self-confidence. Schedule a consultation with us today and let Illuminate’s expert team listen to your concerns and guide you through treatments and procedures to help you reach your individual goals. We look forward to seeing you and celebrating your renewed appearance and realized potential.

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