Facelift and Necklift

68F wanted to address facial aging. Dr. Boudreault performed a facelift with SMAS plication, along with an upper lip lift, and fat transfer to the face. Dr. Boudreault also injected 4mL of fat to lower orbits and 3mL to the nasolabial folds.  

70M who was concerned with facial aging with a focus on the neck. Dr. Boudreault performed a lower face and necklift to address his skin laxity.

70F had concerns regarding her general face with additional emphasis regarding her brows and eyes. Her concerns consisted of an aged appearance, tired appearance, sagging jowls, soft tissue descent, excess skin, nasolabial folds, and moderate rhytids. Her brow and periorbital concerns consisted of excess skin of the upper eyelids, asymmetry of the upper eyelids, excess skin of the lower eyelids, and a tired look to the eyes and crows feet. To address this, Dr. Boudreault performed a facelift with anterior plication, fat transfer to the periorbital region, nasolabial folds, and marionette lines, and an upper blepharoplasty.

51F came in feeling like she looked older than she felt. Dr. Boudreault addressed her concerns with a facelift with high SMAS elevation, anterior platysmaplasty, and fat transfer to the fat. He also transferred 2cc of fat to the marionette lines, 2cc to each nasal labial fold, 2cc to each tear trough, and 2cc to the upper and lower lips.

78F was unhappy with the skin laxity in her lower face and neck, and she desired an improved facial contour. Dr. Boudreault performed a facelift with SMAS elevation and an anterior platysmaplasty to correct this.