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How Long Do the Results of an Ultherapy Treatment Last?

How Long Do the Results of an Ultherapy Treatment Last?

Like many men and women, you may feel like no matter how many creams and serums you’ve applied to your skin, you can’t seem to reverse the signs of slowly sagging skin.  Does it seem as though every time you look into the bathroom mirror, your skin is starting to get a little more closer to your jawline?  You are not alone.

If the above sounds familiar, then it’s time to introduce yourself to Ultherapy at Illuminate Plastic Surgery in San Jose, CA.

What is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is an FDA-approved treatment that uses the power of ultrasound energy to instantly tighten skin, all while improving long-term collagen and elastin production.*  Ultherapy is a non-invasive procedure, making this treatment a great alternative to traditional tightening surgeries such as a face lift, brow lift or neck lift.*

Ultherapy treatments are delivered over the course of a 60 to 90-minute procedure.  Most treatments are delivered to the face and neck; however, many patients also opt for a chest procedure (this takes about 30 minutes).

There’s minimal downtime associated with Ultherapy treatments, making this procedure a great option for patients who are looking for a more simple, fast approach to skin tightening.  Following treatment, some patients may experience tingling and/or discomfort at the treatment site.  These side effects tend to disappear after a few days to weeks.

Ideal results from Ultherapy treatments  are achieved after two to three months once the body has stimulated its own collagen – but how long do these results last?*

How Long Do Results Last?

Ultherapy results last for a surprisingly long time.*  Most patients can expect results to last anywhere from two to three years*.  If you want to maintain the results of your treatment, it’s recommended that you schedule a maintenance session every few years.

Ultherapy at Illuminate Plastic Surgery

Ready to get tighter, younger-looking skin without going under the knife?* Ultherapy treatments are available in San Jose, CA, at Illuminate Plastic Surgery. At Illuminate, we offer Ultherapy sessions to patients who are looking for a non-invasive answer to drooping, sagging skin.

Call us today at (650) 433-8621 to schedule a consultation with our plastic surgeon, Dr. David Boudreault.

At Illuminate we’re with you during every step of your journey toward greater self-confidence. Schedule a consultation with us today and let Illuminate’s expert team listen to your concerns and guide you through treatments and procedures to help you reach your individual goals. We look forward to seeing you and celebrating your renewed appearance and realized potential.

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